Individual women who want to express his greatness, proud of her motherhood, jealous of not losing sight of their dignity and truth of femininity, despite of the social movements that are powerful and destructive of her being a woman.

The purpose of this blog is not political or economic, or any particular religious denomination. It aims to give voice to women who feel not having a voice: you are not alone.

Most of us know that femininity is maternal in all its dimensions and in each and every one of the states where we have decided to develop and where life has proposed to us.

Therefore these spaces belong to all women, fishers or doctors, simple or learned. Single, married or engaged.

“Women with awareness and respect for natural law, with determination to truth and freedom of every human person, which is reflected in the declaration of universal human rights.”

So anyone who wants to highlight the wonder of the dignity of women can write a review, send a testimony, hang a video, present her photograph, or even send documentation.