El milagro de la vida humana: ¡esto es lo que es!

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Dice Wikipedia: In the mid-1950s he began experimenting with new photographic techniques to make extreme close-up photographs. These advances, combined with very thin endoscopes that became available in the mid-1960s, enabled him to make groundbreaking photographs of living human blood vessels and body cavities. He achieved international fame in 1965, when his photographs of the beginning of human life appeared on the cover and on sixteen pages of Life magazine. They were also published in Stern, Paris Match, The Sunday Times, and elsewhere. The photographs made up a part of the book, A Child is Born (1965); image from the book were reproduced in the April 30 1965 edition of Life, which sold eight million copies in the first four days after publication.
Lennart Nilsson has also been involved in the creation of documentaries, including The Saga of Life (1982) and The Miracle of Life (1996).
El video se divide en cuatro partes, para facilitar su visión:
Sagan om livet 1- El mar y el ovulo femenino

Sagan om livet 2- La armada de espermatozoides

Sagan om livet 3- Proceso de unión espermatozoides y óvulo

Sagan om livet 4- Un nuevo ser humano y su desarrollo


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